Wife asks for help after ex-husband writes on her new mirror



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A woman took to Facebook desperately asking for cleaning tips after her ex-husband scribbled a happy birthday message on his mirror with a gold pen.

The woman explained that her ex-partner gave her the huge mirror as a birthday present.

He had written his birthday message on the front of the mirror – but she couldn’t erase it.

“I can’t get the paint pen out. I tried the method, the turps, the nail polish remover and nothing even touched it, â€she wrote.

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The woman was inundated with messages suggesting dozens of different products.

“Lemongrass oil will absolutely do the job! I had a similar issue with a marker on my fridge and posted an article here I had so many great ideas but lemongrass oil was the only thing that cleaned it up, â€said a woman.

While others said the paint should be scraped off.

‘Stanley knife blade removed from shroud and angle to scrap. Clean up residue with a solvent, â€one woman explained.

“Use a magic eraser to gently scrape it,†said another.

Others said the mirror should be replaced or repainted.

“You’ll have to replace the glass on this one,” said one woman.

But others were more optimistic offering an optional degreaser, eucalyptus oil, and even dish soap.

Another woman suggested that she run over the pen with a whiteboard marker before rubbing it with a rag.

“Try a sample of WD-40. It’s my choice these days, â€said another.

Others took the opportunity to make fun of the woman’s ex-husband.

“It’s from your ex, so why not just throw it away, save some time and spin, and buy a new one,†one laughed.

As another called the “special” men.

“Was he your ex before or after you wrote in the mirror,†asked another.

But the original poster admitted that it was a lovely gift and that it was kind to remember her birthday.

However, she was less impressed that her age was written so prominently and permanently.

The message read: ‘Happy 39th birthday Emily. You must be so excited in this 39th year on the planet. Here are your next 39 years. I love Rob and Milli. ‘

Each mention of the woman’s age was circled in the same gold pen that couldn’t be removed.

Another woman suggested baby wipes before adding that she hopes they won’t work, but they usually do the trick.

More than 300 people left comments on the post in the popular Facebook group.

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