WFP empowers Byo residents


The World Food Program (WFP) has a partnership in partnership with DanChurchAid along with ORAP. ORAP helps people living in urban areas with the opportunity to learn the basics of business and agriculture through developing an Urban Resilience program. The goal of the program is to improve the security of your diet.

This program has been tested in the suburbs around Bulawayo’s high-density areas Mzilikazi as well as Phelandaba located in Bulawayo It has helped 700 families who gained information about business and agriculture like rabbit farming, poultry farming, cultivating mushrooms and gardens in addition to many other.

DanChurchAid Coordination Officer Olwin Manyanye said to Southern Eye in an interview with journalists on the tour that they assist people who buy or sell businesses.

“Most people who receive assistance are the people who get aid are traders who aren’t officially registered, and the restrictions on foreclosures have affected the buying and selling of businesses. They were in a position to avoid having to have to go to the place of business to make orders for stock. Urban resilience was also an issue, “she said.

“We have been conducting this pilot program within Bulawayo as well as in Bulawayo and in Bulawayo and within the Mzilikazi District. In addition, we are building urban resilience during the course of the pilot is looking for people that are specialists in their area, or have the experience, knowledge or connections to specific industries they would like to share with.

Manyanye stated that they had reached arrangements with various government departments such as for instance, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Agritex to provide technical assistance.

“The Minister has provided training for the manufacturing of detergents and washing powder production. In addition, Agritex has provided education about animal husbandry. This includes rabbits as well as poultry, horticulture and even poultry in relation to initiatives related to mushrooms” He stated. she declared.

“So that you’re not a disaster. There are approximately 700 households assisted. It includes both buyers as well as sellers. Additionally with other ventures that rely on technology , we provided kits for new entrepreneurs in the wake of COVID-19. Many of them required to take out loans to finance their business. They were unable to bring the businesses going, so we helped them with kits to help them start their businesses.

For example, in businesses that dealt with rabbits each recipient received two goats and a doe, along with pellets. Chickens who were recipients were provided with chicks, stress-packs as well as starting nets.

“Then all food products remain the responsibility of the beneficiary . This means they are able to take the initiative that their recipients. They also participate in the effort. We’re investing in the start. It’s been two and year and a half since we began and the goal we’re trying to accomplish through this venture and the monitoring we carry out with the extension services offered by the government is aiding them in establishing these businesses and connect them with marketplaces that will allow them to market their goods “Manyanye explained.

“We are also in partnership together with Empretec. It’s an all-encompassing venture, and we’d like to see how it develops and see the results at the close.

One of the program’s beneficiaries Precious Tachiona (23) The course proved extremely beneficial to her and she had been thinking about the possibility of expanding her rabbit farm.

“I am the owner of two rabbits two does and a goat. I also purchased 10kg with pellets. If my rabbits grow old, I’d rather keep them for a while before selling them “she told me.

The near future she’s planning to establish an butcher’s store in Bulawayo in order to offer white meats, which includes animals such as rabbits , and fishing.

“Rabbit excrement” is extremely beneficial and manure can be very beneficial for plant growth. It’s a huge undertaking. If you treat your Rabbits (rabbits) by observing the most high standards of cleanliness, an appropriate diet and diet, they’ll provide you with approximately 15 rabbits per day “she said.

WFP is been working in together alongside DanChurchAid as well as DanChurchAid It also helped 29.069 people living in cities where food insecurity is a major issue who live in the region that includes Mzilikazi as well as Phelandaba in Bulawayo by offering electronic vouchers as well in five thousand cash transfers.

In the Urban ZimVAC 2020 report, 2.4 million residents in the cities of Zimbabwe aren’t secure in regards to the security of their diet.

It’s about the half of Zimbabwe’s urban inhabitants.

An assessment of the household’s income was carried out in collaboration in partnership with World Bank and the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZimStat) in 2020, to assess the socio-economic effects of COVID-19. It found that the urban dwellers were disproportionately affected by COVID 19, resulting in the loss of income sources and the vulnerability of food.

WFP at present provides food assistance to over 320,000 Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe.

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