Twin Falls, identifying restaurants you may not know



There is no shortage of places to eat in Twin Falls. I love having all of these options. We have found a list of a few restaurants and / or food trucks that you may not be aware of in the area. So we want to make sure you know them.

  • 1

    Just wings

    It operates in the cuisine of Chile and serves a variety of chicken wings and fried fries. I had this for the first time the other day and it was pretty good. But because it’s not its own storefront, you might not know it.

  • 2

    Dave’s famous barbecue

    The famous Dave’s operates in Johnny Carino’s kitchen. Again, because it doesn’t have its own storefront, maybe it’s something you didn’t know existed.

  • 3

    Wow Bao

    The Asian restaurant operates from the Sizzler kitchen. You can order it online through delivery apps. Haven’t tried this one yet but it looks fantastic. If you like dumplings, you might like this place.

  • 4

    Duke’s Grill

    Operating from the Holiday Inn, I have heard wonderful things about the food here. You don’t need to rent a room there to try the food here.

  • 5

    La Herradura

    This is a food truck that is in the Quale parking lot every day. It’s Mexican food and there is almost always a line. There is also a nice seating area.

  • 6

    Tacos Dos Hermanos

    This is one of the best Mexican food I have had. It is a food truck permanently installed in the Mexican video club.

  • 7

    Porky’s Road House Steaming BBQ

    I have to admit I had no idea what it was. It is apparently a food truck available for events. Looks like they’re randomly located all over town. Today looks like they’re on Blue Lakes and Elizabeth.

  • 8

    Deo Coram

    The cafe serving a wide variety of food is located south of Washington City in the same complex as Swensen’s. Not only do they have fantastic coffee, but the food looks amazing.


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