The trending home hack that could prove fatal for your child, says pediatrician



PEDIATRICS warned parents of a new viral trend in home fashion that could prove fatal for children.

On TikTok, many cleaning fans have shared tips for storing their laundry detergent and fabric softeners in decorative jars.


Pediatrician slammed new trend of pouring detergents into pretty containersCredit: Tiktok / @ drnicolebaldwin
The pediatrician is Dr Nicole Baldwin


The pediatrician is Dr Nicole BaldwinCredit: Tiktok / @ drnicolebaldwin

In response to the recent trend, Dr Nicole Baldwin saw another TikToker pour fabric softener into what looked like a milk jug.

She asked, “Wait, why are we pouring fabric softener into something that looks like a beverage container? And now we’re doing it with some fun blue laundry detergent… oh my gosh.”

Dr Baldwin went on to convey his warning to parents of young children in particular.

“If you have children, please don’t do this, please,” she begged.

Dr Baldwin then commented on the trend of pouring laundry-scented bragging beads: “Oh my God, and now these little candy-like things that we pour into an unlocked container.

“If you have kids, please don’t do this. This is how kids accidentally get poisoned because these things look so pretty and cool, and I understand, it’s beautiful – it is very aesthetic, but dangerous!

“If you are a parent, please don’t do this!”

Many TikTok doctors took to the comments section to agree with Dr Baldwin and even some moms said they would stop doing it.

One mom said, “I’m doing this and I’m so thankful that you put this into perspective for me. My child can’t climb yet, but I won’t.

A second suggested that if parents really wanted to be a part of this aesthetic trend, they would keep containers out of their children’s reach and lock them up.

And a third added about the trend: “It really looks like milk, wow.”

She claimed children could be poisoned if not properly kept away


She claimed children could be poisoned if not properly kept awayCredit: Tiktok / @ drnicolebaldwin
A TikToker wanted to make his laundry room aesthetic


A TikToker wanted to make his laundry room aestheticCredit: Tiktok / @ drnicolebaldwin


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