The Hulk System® takes “cleanliness” to another level

Family-owned and operated for 50 years, Wechem is a specialty chemical manufacturer with an EPA-licensed facility in Harahan, Louisiana that produces the Hulk System®.

The Hulk system takes cleanliness to another level when you use it and its dispensing and patented cleaning chemicals.

In the past, cleaning vital equipment was labor intensive and involved carrying large buckets of chemicals and water, posing potential safety hazards. However, the Hulk system changes all that and makes cleaning faster, safer and more cost effective.

The Hulk system is a self-contained unit that is kept on the jobsite and connected to an available water source. The unit operates solely by the action of water – no electrical connection is necessary. The hyper-concentrate canister is placed under the dispenser on the stand and the supply hose is attached to the canister. As water flows through the unit, the dispenser pulls the precise amount of hyper-concentrate into the mixing chamber where it combines with your water and dispenses through the discharge pipe. The operator simply opens and closes a valve on the discharge pipe to dispense product.

Key benefits of the Hulk system include:

  • Hyper-concentrated chemicals.
  • Ease of use.
  • Less laborious.
  • Safer to use for employees.
  • Quality control — no mixed batches.
  • 95% less bulk storage space.
  • Autonomous and autonomous.
  • Works on the action of water alone.
  • Does not interact with wastewater treatment.

The Hulk System® The program was created for consumers who purchase large quantities of detergents or degreasers.

Additionally, the Hulk System program was created as an alternative technology for consumers in the petrochemical industry who purchase large quantities of detergents or degreasers. It can be used on offshore drilling rigs, diving support vessels, construction vessels, refineries, etc., in bulk tanks, bins or multiple drums. The program uses the latest chemical technology to simplify the transport, storage and use of detergents while significantly reducing all associated costs.

With Wechem’s Hulk system, you never have to worry about the quality of your “cleaning”. Hulk takes cleanliness to another level, and you can also count on Wechem for custom cleaning programs, in-service demonstrations, and employee training.

For more information, visit or call (800) 426-0512, Ext. 3205.

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