the home and away jerseys of each classified team



Grouped at the bottom because a) point of principle b) look at them.

Puma had four perfectly usable outdoor kits ready to go to their countries during this tournament, all launched with the usual fanfare towards the end of 2019. Of course, not all of them were great, but they were the Euro 2020 kits. and anyone who bought them then had a right to expect teams to wear them into the tournament.

An admittedly troublesome pandemic ruined original planning plans, causing other companies to delay launching their euro kits, potentially missing the peak in sales of a new product.

In April, Puma unveiled four new away kits for their countries to use in this tournament. These would almost certainly have been released this summer originally, if Euro 2020 had taken place in 2020. But why not delay and wait for the Euros to actually take place? If it looks like a naked cash grab and smells like a naked cash grab …

There are a few minor differences in these four desperate shirts. Italy is allowed more than one color. Austria sees its emblem sublimated as in 1993. All are glued with tiny little badges and badly-kerned names spelled unwittingly on the chest. Unacceptable, and a curse for the tournament.

All four kits we should have seen have been included and listed below, look for an asterisk next to their number in the countdown timer.

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* 44b. Czech Republic (away)


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