The Ecoegg will change the way you do laundry – and Amazon customers love it



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When you were a kid, no one ever told you that most of your adult life would see you trapped in an endless loop of groceries, bill paying, and floor cleaning. And when it comes to laundry, you’re either on the verge of running out of detergent or just too tired to even attempt to fill that basket of clothes.

While it’s ideal to find a magical way to get your laundry to fold, there is one little gadget that will make this seemingly endless chore much easier. Meet the Ecoegg Wash System, made up of three tiny laundry aids that completely eliminate the need to buy liquid or powder detergent and fabric softener. Oh, and they last for 210 breathtaking washes.

Whether you call the system the magical laundry fairy or your new best friend, there’s no denying the convenience the Ecoegg offers. With an impressive 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon with nearly 9.5 thousand reviews, these handy egg-shaped gadgets are revolutionizing the way people do their laundry. And since they contain absolutely no chemicals or harmful cleaning agents, eggs are a safe, toxin-free alternative to cleaning your clothes.

The Egoegg laundry system is made up of three elements: the laundry egg, the drying egg and the detox tab. While the Laundry Egg gently removes stains and residue from fabrics, its accompanying Dryer Egg manages to cut drying time by 28%, saving you quite a bit on your laundry bill. electricity every year. In addition, it leaves a light fragrance and softens the laundry. And finally, the Detox Tab is designed to clean your washing machine, ridding it of all lingering powders, liquids and unpleasant odors.

Having won numerous awards for its innovative and eco-friendly design, families around the world are adopting the Ecoegg Laundry System as a clean and safe way to wash the clothes of their loved ones because it is skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. of the environment.

Get the Ecoegg Pack for 210 washes: Laundry Egg + Dryer Egg + Detox Tab for over 15% off, that’s just $ 34.99.


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