The Cypher Scene in the Matrix That Makes No Sense

On the surface, Cypher (Joe Pantoliano) doesn’t look so bad. He’s a bit whiny, sure, but life on the Nebuchadnezzar isn’t exactly a pleasure cruise. It’s cold, damp and lonely, as Cypher reveals when betraying his crew that he longed for Trinity at one point. He’s going back to the Matrix, he explains to her after attacking Tank (Marcus Chong) and Dozer (Anthony Ray Parker) on the ship and grabbing Tank’s operator helmet. When Trinity points out that the Matrix isn’t real, it’s seemingly lost on Cypher, who professed when meeting Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) that “ignorance is bliss.” While we’d certainly rather imagine eating a delicious, juicy steak than “the same old goop” — a bowl full of synthetic aminos and protein that looks like a giant bowl of snot, according to Apoc (Julian Arahanga) — there’s a nagging problem: how exactly did Cypher get in and out of The Matrix to take on this particular meeting?

Cypher sneaks into the Matrix to meet Smith after talking with Neo about examining the Encoded Matrix and shares a sip of Dozer’s High Strength Engine Degreaser and Brain Cell Killer. Sure, Cypher is on watch while everyone else sleeps, so there’s no one else to catch him, but that also means there’s no one to plug him into the Matrix and leave him. get out via a hard line. In an archived chat between fans and the Wachowskis, the filmmakers responsible for creating “The Matrix” as we know it, they said that Cypher was creating “an automated system to allow him to go meet Agent Smith” when Neo interrupted him. him, implying that it wasn’t 100% necessary to have an Operator to enter and exit the Matrix, though this is never explained in the film or its sequels.

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