The best way to wash your beach kit



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Never just throw the contents of your beach bag in the washing machine! Follow our expert advice:

1. Don’t wash your towels as soon as you get home

          If you want your washing machine to last as long as possible, never put your sand-covered towels directly in the drum. “The sand is abrasive and can damage the drum and block the filter and hoses,†says Tailang Bu of Hotspot. “Once the sand has entered your machine, it is difficult to remove it. ”

          Instead, dry the towels completely and shake them vigorously outside to remove as much sand as possible before washing them.

          2. Use fabric softener sparingly on towels.

          To keep your beach towels soft and absorbent, don’t add fabric softener when you wash them. “It can build up on towels if you use it every time you wash them,†says Verity Mann, head of testing at GHI. “It can cling to the fibers and reduce absorption. ”

          If you use fabric softener, use it once every few washes. If you want to keep your towels super soft, dry them in the dryer.

          3. Wash your swimwear by hand

          Soak the swimsuit in cold water for about 20 minutes as soon as possible to rinse off seawater, which can damage the stretch fibers over time. Gently wring out the water (avoid wringing it out) and dry your swimsuit out of direct sunlight – this helps prevent colors from fading.

          To help keep her in shape, never hang swimsuits by the straps. Tie bikini tops by the fabric between the cups, as you would with a bra. Hand wash swimsuits every few washes in lukewarm water with a little laundry detergent added. Rinse, then dry as above.

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