The best leggings for the 2021 periods



In the early 2000s, the term “period panties” referred to the stained and broken drawers that you cradled during your period. But from the 2010s, period panties have been improved with waterproof technology and stylish designs. * Throw one in for science *

Despite these advancements, gyms, studios, and trails have remained the domain of the tampon – largely because of the commercials featuring leggy athletes galloping, galloping and doing gymnastics in white leggings (!).

But then … the time-tested leggings came along, proudly singing: 🎶 Anywhere you can sweat, I can sweat bleeding.🎶

Period-proof sportswear is nothing new.

Knix has a whole vintage line workout underwear, while Modibodi has a short and Ruby Love has a body suit.

Hell, even rule-proof leggings are not new!

Ruby Love sells a pair, Flow 2 Freedom offer mowed and long options, and Dear Kate has them in a variety of colors (including a Galaxy print – fun!).

But as the pandemic has caused us to turn to home workouts, other brands have decided to get on the wagon and give us even more options, taking leggings that are proof of the rules of chance instead. full trend.

Thinx recently took the leap, dropping a line of sports clothing which includes proof of period leggings as well as a short training, short cycle, and tights.

Maria molland, CEO of Thinx, Inc., attributes this launch to the pandemic. Over the past year, “we’ve seen a massive uptake of vintage underwear; which means more people know what they are, how they work and that they can be a real alternative to disposable menstrual products, â€she said in a press release for the product.

“This was largely for […] the pandemic acceleration of online adoption, â€she added. “Now, with more consumers in the space, it’s a great time to expand the line to sportswear.â€

TL; DR: Nothing says period-proof leggings like a global pandemic! (MDR)

Leggings are basically extra long panties. So it’s no surprise that these magical menstrual clothes use the same waterproof technology as panties, but with the added functionality of leg sleeves.

Here’s how they work: you put them on and “bleed freeâ€. The innermost layer absorbs blood * without * bleeding to the outward-facing layer.

After 6 to 12 hours – depending on your flow and the specific pair – you machine wash them in cold water, then let them air dry.

The exact amount of blood in leggings varies from product to product and company to company.

If you have rules, there is probably a size for you (although we hope brands will create more options for taller ones).

The brands with the widest ranges are Dear Kate, which offers eight size options ranging from XS to 3X, and Ruby Love, which offers sizes Juniors to 3XL.

Now that more brands in the period space have rule-proof sportswear, chances are high that we’ll see even more rule-proof options soon.

Personally, I hope 2021 will be the year someone launches a line with casual workout gear. (You look, Ray, Bambody, or Cora!)

Basketball shorts, sweatpants and swimwear for menstruating women of all sizes? I’ll take one of everything!

Yours, Gabrielle


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