The 8 best bicycle saddlebags of 2021



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Whether your dream is to ride a light touring bike with nothing but you and the open road, or you’re looking for a low carbon way to get to and from the office every day, a saddle bag from bike is a great accessory to add to your cycle. Because they attach directly to the bike, rather than using rack mounts depending on your standard pannier setup, they’re more likely to fit your bike and provide a streamlined approach to storage on the road or on the road. Mountain.

Easily attached to the back of the seat above the wheel, saddlebags should fit all types of bikes, whether you’re riding a road bike, mountain bike, or even a gravel bike. While they certainly aren’t as big as shopping bags, most are large enough to store essentials, whether it’s a tire repair kit and water bottle, or a full sleeping bag and a duvet jacket for an overnight adventure.

So here are the best bicycle saddle bags for a range of cycling uses.

Final verdict

For more space for bike rides or even just for your daily commute, opt for the Green Guru Hauler Seat Bag (see on Amazon), which will fit pretty much anything you need for a day or even more on the road. If more secure and stable protection for electronics is more what you are looking for, the Topeak SideKick Wedge Bicycle Saddle Pack (see REI) is rigid enough to remain in one piece.

What to look for in bicycle saddle bags

Tire clearance

One of the main obstacles to a saddle bag that is suitable for your bike is tire clearance. This is the distance between your saddle and the rear tire and affects the fit of the pack, so it’s essential to measure it on your bike before committing to a pack – you don’t want to buy one and be disappointed. , after all !


The saddle bags are available in different sizes. Smaller bags are usually sufficient for storing essential tools in the event of a puncture, while larger bags are the choice for bikepacking or other longer activities. If you want something that works for both, a set of variable-capacity seating, like a roll-top closure to adjust the space you have, can offer the best of both worlds.

thigh irritation

Since the saddle bag fits just below the saddle, there is always a risk that it will catch on your thighs when you pedal, a painful and quite inevitable event. To prevent this from happening, we recommend purchasing a bag that is narrower at the seat post so that it narrows down to become wider further away from you and your legs. It should keep you away from the fabric and away from any risk of rubbing or other unpleasant friction.


How do I attach a saddle bag to a bicycle?

All saddlebags attach to a bicycle differently, so it depends on the type of attachment. Many come with a combined velcro and strap configuration, where the strap wraps around the D-ring at the base of the saddle before attaching in place, and the bag is then held securely to the saddle. using the velcro of the seat post. For a more secure attachment, consider a bracket, which fits around the seat post and gives the saddlebag a metal bracket to rest on. This keeps it from shifting when you are cycling and makes it easier to put on and take off the saddle bag, as you don’t need to remove the rack every time you want to access the bag.

How should I pack my saddle bag?

Depending on the size of your pack, a saddle bag is the perfect place to keep essentials for your trip. For a small saddle bag, you’ll want to include the essentials for repairing your bike, including new inner tubes, a tire iron to remove your inner tubes, a mini pump, a multi-tool (including a tire changer). chain), as well as a pair of gloves to keep your hands clean during any repairs. If you have a larger pack, snacks, a jacket, and water are also essential for riding.

What’s the best way to clean a saddle bag?

The best way to clean your saddle bag depends on the type of material it is made of. If it is a leather saddle bag, we recommend purchasing a leather cleaner, which can be applied using a soft cloth to the surface of the bag to wipe off the dirt and the dirt. Alternatively, for a nylon or other plastic bag, use a brush or nylon bristle cloth and mild detergent, water and elbow grease – the stains should disappear directly in the process.

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