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Morgan Blue FM Chainspray is a super light summer chain lubricant that runs very clean. It has very little water resistance, so it is a racing and summer lubricant only. And for disc brake bikes, you really need to remove the rear wheel before application.

You may have read this little summary above and now you are wondering what such a light chain lubricant is for. If you’re a fan of a clean chain like I am, a light lube is great to last a few rides before the bike is washed and the lube is reapplied.

This makes it a good option for race day, and in the few weeks of really dry weather we had in April, I found the FM Chainspray at home.

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FM stands for friction modifier, and Morgan Blue says this Chainspray cleans the inside of the chain while lubricating. It is designed exclusively for dry weather and tests show that it does not hold up very well to rain.

The point is, it won’t pick up dirt, and I’ve found it to be – although there are plenty of wax-based lubricants out there that do the same without the hefty price tag.

For mixed weather driving I would go for something like the Morgan Blue Rolls Pro. It’s heavier and picks up a bit more dirt, but the drivetrain silence it brings in wet weather is excellent.

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The application is easy, although I would like to stress that disc brake users must first remove the rear wheel. I did this after the wheel lit a bit rushed, and the overspray found its way onto the rotor and into the pads. One turn of the screaming brakes was enough to make sure I wouldn’t do it again.

This in turn means that you will need a chain retainer and maybe even a working stand, although Morgan Blue recommends applying after cleaning the chain so you can already use both.

The 400ml can contains a lot of lubricant and my past experience with Morgan Blue spray lubricants is good. A single can will last me about a year of regular cleaning and relubrication.

The advantage of the aerosol is that it is easy to use on jockey wheels and other moving parts.

Once you’ve done a few rides, cleaning up is a quick and easy process – it comes off easily with a degreaser. If you are looking to maintain a clean drivetrain, this is a great option.


£ 23.95 might seem a bit steep for a summer chain lube, but you’ll only be using it on dry summer days, and given how few we get in the UK you should. do for years. That said, Morgan Blue Dry Wax costs just £ 9.95, also offers a clean chain, and lasts longer per application.

In terms of alternatives, the list is almost endless. Rock’n’Roll Gold is a reader’s favorite, but it’s getting hard to find in the UK. Morgan Blue’s Racing Oil (£ 7.95) is great for mixed conditions, although it’s not as clean, or you can opt for Squirt Chain Lubricant (now £ 12.99), which any everyone seems to like it.


Morgan Blue FM Chainspray is a good option on dry race day. It does not catch dirt and its cleaning is easy. There are, however, many wax-based lubricants that work just as clean, but with a longer life and lower prices.


Great for daytime or summer running, but for longer intervals between cleanings look elsewhere

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Brand and model: Morgan Blue FM chain spray

Tell us what the product is for and who it is for. What are the manufacturers saying about this? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Morgan Blue says, “The friction modifier cleans the inside of the chain. Plus, this product is lubricant and makes the chain super smooth. Dirt won’t stick to the chain, keeping the chain clean. Use in dry weather. “

Tell us more about the technical aspects of the product?

Morgan Blue only says:

Suitable for use after cleaning the chain and derailleur with chain cleaner.

Shake well before use.

It is recommended to run the chain over a cloth after application.

Rate the product for build quality:


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Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its intended purpose

For sunny kilometers, it’s great. It is easy to clean and the chain stays clean in use.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

The low weight of the lubricant makes it ideal for a few uses, before removing it with a degreaser.

Tell us what you didn’t particularly like about the product

Nothing really.

How does the price compare to similar products on the market, including those recently tested on

It’s relatively high, but the can has a lot of lube in it, and given the few sunny days we have in the UK, you should find it lasts well.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider purchasing the product? Yes

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes, but only if they also like to clean the chains

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It’s very good at what it’s designed to do, but there are other lubricants out there that provide an equally clean chain for longer.

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