No animal fat: Buff City Soap opens its first Montana store in Missoula



Fans of specialty soaps made without harsh chemicals or animal fats might find a satisfying lather at the new Buff City Soap, which offers Missoula’s first full line of herbal soaps in the region.

As Montana’s first Buff City Soap, the store provides a unique experience for customers to play a role in the creation and sourcing of their soap products.

“Aside from restaurants, very few products are made in front of the consumer,†said Stephen Stone. “We make our products in front of our guests, every day. Every product in our store is made in our Missoula store.

Buff City Soap hopes to start offering bath bombs and soap-making parties in addition to its retail section, which ranges from eco-friendly laundry detergent to body butters.

Store owners Stephen and Beth Stone recently moved from Texas to Missoula after their son started at the University of Montana.

“The beauty of the land, the unique personality and the complexity of the city and the people appealed to us,†Stephen said. “When our son was accepted to college, we knew we wanted to leave Memphis. We had lived our whole lives in a 10 mile circle, and we changed everything for the dream of a better life in Missoula.

The official opening of Buff City Soap took place in early September and since then the store has strived to integrate into the community of Missoula.

“Our effort is to make the Missoula store the best it can be. We want to be an asset to our mall, a good neighbor to other tenants, and a valued member of the Missoula business community. We sincerely strive to create a product that benefits our customers and our city. “


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