My Carbon Coach’s Tim Walker Talks Green Spring Cleaning

WITH (fingers crossed) Spring is just around the corner, it’s time for many to freshen up our homes and gardens, chase away the cobwebs of winter, and welcome light and sunshine back.

One thing to consider when spring cleaning is the environmental impact you have. Do you use harsh chemicals that will end up in the world, affecting wildlife, rivers, etc. ? Or maybe you buy cleaning products in new plastic bottles?

There are some fantastic eco-friendly alternatives to your usual supermarket products that you can find at sustainable living stores that work just as well if not better, and contain no new plastic!

For example, you can get cleaning products in the form of concentrates inside dissolvable sachets.

All you do is rinse out your old bottles, fill them with fresh water and drop the sachet in and you’ve just made a whole bottle of anti-bacterial cleaner, or kitchen degreaser, or many others cleaners, for a fraction of the cost, and without creating more plastic waste.

Then there are things like sponges and scouring pads of which you can get plastic-free versions now made from all sorts of natural materials, from wood fibers, coconut husks and even cacti!

With spring cleaning, the clearer days give us a better chance to get out in the garden or allotment and get things growing, or at least ready to grow.

This year, why not see how nature-friendly you can make your garden, with bee-friendly wildflowers and insect hotels. Both will be home to a huge amount of insects and other wildlife, and personally I find the wildflowers really beautiful. Blueberries are my favorite, but you also have daisies, poppies, marigolds, chamomile to name a few.

All of the items I have mentioned are available from the new My Carbon Coach sustainable living store on Station Road.

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