Laundry: how to keep your clothes from becoming limp in the wash – “will protect your clothes”

According to laundry expert and CEO of Laundryheap, Deyan Dimitrov, piling is caused when groups of short or snagged fibers become tangled in a small knot or ball. These usually form as a result of rubbing or chafing during general wear and tear. They can occur anywhere on fabrics, but they are usually found on areas of clothing that experience the most abrasion throughout the day.

Areas particularly prone to bobbling include under the arms of tops and shirts or around the collar.

The inside seams of clothing as well as the center of sheets can also suffer from pilling.

Deyan explained, “Unfortunately, there is no quick trick to removing pilling from your clothes.

“One of the most effective ways to do this is to use a fine-toothed comb and gently rake the piled area of ​​your garment to pull the knotted fibers away from its surface.

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“Gentle washes will give your clothes a safer and easier ride, helping to preserve their structures.”

Detergents and fabric softeners can also play an important role in whether or not a garment moves.

Deyan recommended purchasing an enzyme-based detergent.

He explained, “It does a great job of shedding existing pills, as well as preventing your tissues from piling up in the future. Before a wash cycle, be sure to check if your detergent contains this handy enzyme.

“Softeners can protect the fibers in your clothes by softening them and providing a convenient shield against environmental factors that contribute to fabric breakdown.

“So add a healthy dose of fabric softener to your laundry for soft, lint-free clothes.”

Overfilled washing machines can be one of the main causes of some clothes falling out.

Indeed, the fabrics will push against each other and cause friction.

While it’s important to run as heavy a load as possible, it’s important not to overtighten the drum.

The laundry expert said: “As a rule of thumb, you should aim to fill your washing machine drum to two-thirds full.

“Drying your clothes too long in a dryer can also damage fabrics unnecessarily.

“I would recommend choosing to air dry your clothes, either on a drying rack or on a flat, airy surface, to avoid stretching.

“It will also provide the added benefit of reducing your electricity consumption.”

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