Launch of Conn’s x Belk Store-In-Store pilot projects

The first store-in-store pilot locations from a partnership between Belk and Conn’s have opened in five Belk locations, according to a press release.

Called Conn’s x Belk, the locations will allow Belk customers access to Conn’s home product categories and other things like next day deliveries. The five locations include: Knoxville, Tennessee; Raleigh, North Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina; Ridgeland, Mississippi; Charleston, South Carolina.

The locations will have many categories of Conn’s products, including furniture, electronics and appliances, and the stores will vary between 10,000 and 25,000 square feet depending on the location.

Conn’s x Belk locations will open throughout this summer and early fall, and Belk is planning an e-commerce rollout in the fall.

“We are delighted that our first five Conn’s x Belk concept stores are open and that more will be available soon, giving us the opportunity to introduce new customers to Conn’s key differentiators, including our product assortment of high-quality, white-glove next-day delivery and in-home repair service,” said Chandra Holt, President and CEO of Conn’s, Inc. “This is an important milestone in our journey to evolve, reinvent and strengthen our business.

PYMNTS recently spoke with Holt, and she talked about her goals for Conn’s, including an ambitious goal to be a “multi-billion dollar omnichannel company by 2025.”

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Holt said the way forward would be tied to the country’s roots since its inception 130 years ago, as the company had always aimed to “provide access to our funding and high-quality products.”

According to Holt, one of the company’s goals is to have a “payment option for everyone,” which will encompass traditional branded credit cards and installment loans, BNPL plans, and “putting plans.” aside in the old way”.

“We have been buying now, paying later with our own funding for a long time, so we challenged ourselves; “How can we ensure that we have a payment option for everyone who enters Conn’s, regardless of their credit rating?” and so we recently launched an old-fashioned layaway,” Holt said.

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