Is it really soap or detergent in the shower cubicle?

Mary Tylor Naturals did it again with another amazing product: The Healthy Soap®. This amazing liquid soap is made from natural ingredients that are sure to cleanse your body without all the harsh chemicals that most commercial “soap” manufacturers include in their ingredients (listed or not).

Soap, chemically a salt (VS17H35COONa), has a unique ability to surround oil particles, disperse them in water and rinse them easily. Did you know that most of what is labeled as “soap” on the market today is NOT soap? Many of them are actually detergents or cleansers. The true definition of a soap, and being regulated as a soap by the FDA (Food Drug Administration): is a product composed primarily of “alkaline salts of fatty acids”. “Alkali salts” are an alkali such as lye, potash; and “fatty acids” are oils used such as coconut, olive, palm, etc.

Some people worry when they see “lye” listed as an ingredient in natural soaps, not knowing that if their “soap” doesn’t have lye listed, it probably isn’t soap! When an alkali, lye, mixes with fatty acids, oils, the mixture goes through a process called saponification. This is a chemical process that changes the structure of alkaline and fatty acids into what we call soap. The soap is formulated with more fatty acids than alkali or precisely formulated with exact amounts so that no lye remains after saponification. So throw away those outdated memories of (grand)grandma’s heavy soap burning your skin, there’s easy access to soap calculators that do all the math for even the most novice DYI soapmaker, well plus equipment and the sophisticated tools available to businesses. .

Mary Tylor Naturals carefully selected the oils they used in their formulation for their inherent cleansing action and ability to do what they do naturally! Their ingredient list is very short but lovingly created to include saponified coconut oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, among others, as well as essential oils ( which were added after this incredible saponification process to preserve their essence).

Coconut oil is known to be a highly cleansing oil that provides a very stable lather/bubble, Sweet Almond Oil is known to be mild and packed with Vitamins A and E, and Kernel Oil apricot is also known to be high in vitamin A and E along with vitamin C. Mary Tylor Naturals truly lives up to its motto, “Better Ingredients, Better Lives.”

We will keep you updated when this amazing new product is released!

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