I’m a cleaning fan – people are stunned by the cheap tool I use to dust my house

WIPING dust off any surface has got to be one of the most annoying tasks as it will probably take a few rounds to get it all off.

However, one genius woman has shared the $5 tool she uses to do just that.


The woman used a squeegee to wipe down the furnitureCredit: TikTok/watchmecleanandorganize
He picked up all the dust


He picked up all the dustCredit: TikTok/watchmecleanandorganize

A cleaning and organizing fan, who posts as Watch Me Clean and Organize on social media, revealed she uses a squeegee to wipe the dust off her tables.

That’s right, she uses the tool usually reserved for showers and windows.

And it proved that it’s not just water that can be wiped away.

Although she said it wasn’t one of the most effective ways to get rid of dust, it did the job.

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However, she called it one of the most satisfying methods.

If this is a method you are interested in, it will cost you less than $5 on Amazon.

Although she said it wasn’t super effective, many have revealed that it worked for them.

One person wrote, “I use this method and really like it.

“Works well for me.”

A second added: “Wow that’s really good.”

“My house is so dusty, I’m about to change my family’s life,” a third commented.

Previously, another cleaning fan revealed how he removes stains from his clothes without using any type of detergent.

Shammond said, “Did you know that if you mix baking soda with fresh lemon juice, add white vinegar, a little dish soap and water, [then] shake it well, could you get the stains out of your clothes?”

Shammond put the aforementioned ingredients in a small tube for easy use.

According to the expert, all you have to do is put this mixture on the stain, take an old toothbrush and brush the stain.

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According to him, it is safe, natural and does not involve any chemicals.

“It works like magic,” he said of the concoction.

People were actually very impressed with the use of the squeegee


People were actually very impressed with the use of the squeegeeCredit: Getty

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