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We had some unique questions from our readers this week, and I want to share them with you.

But first, I want to talk with you about your freshwater system and how to keep it clean and running at peak efficiency. Summit Brands makes a bunch of products and a lot of them have “out” in the name. Drain Out, Yellow Out, Whirl Out and they also make Out Filter Mate for fabric softeners. Using Out Filter Mate when you put in salt will improve the taste of the water, prevent rust and scale build-up, and extend the life of the machine. It is easy and secure.

If you’ve never used a freshwater system cleaner before, use two cups of the cleaner dissolved in one quart of lukewarm water. Pour it into the brine well, then manually regenerate the softener. And that’s all! Therefore, every time you add a bag of salt to the softener, add half a cup of Filter Mate to the softener.

Now on to the email …

Question: I was offered a window air conditioner that I will put in a shed. I inserted it and noticed that it was not cooling. After dropping the front cover I noticed the coils were really dirty. I tried cleaning up but just made a mess. What do you suggest to clean the coils so that the AC unit cools down?

Reply: It is such a wonderful and timely question. KO Dirt Blaster is a concentrated cleaner and degreaser recommended for AC coils. Previously, you had to take window air conditioners to a car wash and wash away all the accumulated dirt and dust that will almost become one with the coils. KO Dirt Blaster will dissolve grease, oil and dust on A / C and Refrigerator coils so you have better cooling. To clean your coils, turn off the unit. Saturate the coils with KO Dirt Blaster. It is so amazing. Dirt and grease will simply melt away. Wait five minutes. While KO Dirt Blaster doesn’t need flushing, I like to remove any debris that makes its way to the bottom of the coils. The can says there is little smell, I think it might be a stretch.

Question: I have a grandson who is going to university next September. He asked me for some furniture that I had stored in the garage and of course I said yes. I want to show (teach) how easy it is to refurbish old furniture. So can you give me a quick refresher course on how to make old furniture look good again?

Reply: I think the best is to start with a clean surface. Howard makes Clean-A-Finish and it’s perfect for the project you have planned. Spray Clean-A-Finish on a soft cloth, then wipe down your furniture. Always keep one side clean so you don’t spread dirt instead of cleaning. I love Clean-A-Finish because you can use it on any type of wood furniture and it’s so neutral that it doesn’t need rinsing. Look at the surface and the legs and if there are any scratches going down under the finish, use a stick of putty to cover. Just rub them into the scratch, then gently buff them. Use Restore-A-Finish in the color closest to the hue of the furniture to complete the finish. It will remove the white rings of moisture and restore the color of the faded areas. Restore-A-Finish doesn’t have to be the perfect color, it’s very forgiving. Wipe it in one direction only. Let dry. If you still have imperfections in the surface, apply another coat. Then, for protection, apply Feed-N-Wax. Big project!

Question: With all the rain, I noticed I was seeing fire ants in my yard. What’s the best way to get rid of parasites?

Reply: I have two answers. If you prefer organic products, use Natures Creation Fire Ant Killer. Amdro Fire Ant Killer is what I like to use. Just follow the directions on the packaging.

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