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Does it smell like 2020? Home schooling, standing on X’s, watching for the latest updates from Gladys and Dan’s press conference? Yes, we are tired too. We’ve scoured our websites across Australia to bring you a curated list of the most uplifting stories from the ACM Network. If the cute guide dog puppy video below doesn’t help you get through that, nothing will. Quincy is a 12 week training guide dog who works with his family to encourage others to volunteer to train guide dogs. If you’re looking to stay up to date on COVID-19, sign up for our daily roundup here Laundry service gives the homeless a new start With its six washing machines, six dryers, three showers and its On-board generator set, the laundry service on wheels offers comfort and cleanliness to all those who wish it. A volunteer, Hamilton Gervaise likes visitors to his mobile shower-laundry-kitchen trailer to stay for a while, to take full advantage of the experience. During COVID times, the trailer distributes hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes. Visitors are returned with their washed and dried clothes, fabric softener included. “A lady smelled her clothes and she said, ‘How do you make it smell so good?’ It’s because my wife buys the same things we use at home.†The lucky 101-year-old who celebrated her birthday with her 71-year-old best friend When Mavis Trigg and Joyce McDonald met 71 years ago, they vowed to never separate. Today best friends celebrated Mavis’ 101st birthday together at Lyndoch Living. Mavis and Joyce met in 1950 through Joyce’s cousin Syril, who introduced the couple. They have been inseparable ever since. Read the full story on The Warrnambool Standard. Town named Victoria’s best tourist spot When it’s all over we all set off on a trip to a different place and it looks like Ballarat is the place to be after being named Victoria’s Top Tourist Town at the Top Tourism Town Awards . Humpback whale show off the coast of Coochimudo Island Three fishermen from Victoria Point were blown away when they saw a humpback whale in full breach off Coochiemudlo Island. Norm Thompson and his friends who fish the bay once a fortnight watched the show from their boat at Pelican Bank. He said the close encounter was the first whale he had seen in the area in 36 years. The Redlands City Bulletin has the whole story.




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