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Dirty and dull tile grout. It’s a thorny issue, I know. I have a lot of tile and grout in my house, all white or light colored. No matter how diligent I am in cleaning it up, this grout appears to be hopelessly stained. This is a problem for me and it is right at the top of the questions I get asked most often.

I recently made an impressive discovery: a product powerful enough to clean up dirty, dull grout. It’s super inexpensive and contains no acid, bleach, or ammonia. How cheap? I just bought a 20 ounce bottle of it for $ 1. Not for sale. Not a loss leader. This is the normal price.

But first, a story. One Saturday years ago the doorbell rang (is it strange that I remember it so clearly?) There was a young man bursting with enthusiasm. He was holding a bottle of his “miracle cleaner”, going straight into demo mode to prove how awesome it was.

Like a whirling dervish, he sprayed the door frame and wiped it down to show me all the dirt on the rag. He sprayed the welcome mat. He went to work on the steps and before I knew what was going on he walked right into the house ready to clean everything up.

I looked at what he was holding and sure enough it was awesome. That was the name of it: “Awesome”. I bought a bottle to stop him talking and quickly put it on a shelf in the laundry room. And there he sat down. Until now.

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of money testing commercial grout cleaners (they can be expensive!). And I made and tested a lot of DIY recipes using everything from baking soda and lemon juice to cream of tartar, salt and lime juice. Nothing so far has produced results that I would be happy to share with you. It was so frustrating! Here is what happened :

Deciding whether or not to try another commercial product that promised to be this one, I was reading Amazon reviews, which were all over the place. One review struck me as genuine and useful. The reviewer said they tried the product in question and found it disappointing and way overpriced.

She continued, “So I decided to use what I already have, a bottle of Awesome. I sprayed it full power on the grout and five minutes later I scrubbed it with a brush, wiped it off and rinsed it off with water. The dirt is simply gone!

And that’s where it hit me. Impressive. In a bottle. This guy. What are the chances that I still have it? I found it in the first place I looked!

I have no recollection of packing and moving it from California to Colorado, but apparently I did because hey, here it is! I couldn’t wait to try this at least 20 year old bottle of cleanser.

I sprayed Awesome on the dark dirty grout, waited 5 minutes, scrubbed it with a stiff brush, wiped it with microfiber, and rinsed the area with water . Wow!

This sent me into an even deeper mode of researching this awesome product. I easily found the company’s website and learned that the cleaner was alive and well, with a slight name change to “LA’s Totally Awesome Concentrated Cleaner, Degreaser and Spot Removerâ€.

I couldn’t wait to find out where Totally Awesome in LA was selling. Are you ready? Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, 99 Cents Only, Big Lots and a number of grocery chains like Food4Less and Unified Grocers. He’s a regular at almost every dollar store in the country.

I was unable to get to my local Dollar Tree fast enough. I wanted to see for myself if this is indeed a regular product out there. But more than that, I wanted to see the going price. I easily found LA Totally Awesome Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner, Degreaser & Stain Remover in 20 oz for $ 1. No kidding. As of this writing – a dollar.

By the way, LA’s Totally Awesome Concentrated Cleaner, Degreaser & Stain Remover is available on Amazon, but a lot more expensive than a dollar store.

I test Awesome on anything washable, as promised on the bottle. Maybe even the front door frame and the welcome mat. This stuff is really … awesome!

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