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Have you thought about the dirt that lurks in the products that clean your laundry? It can clean your clothes, sheets, towels and other items, but does it contain things you would like to have near you or the delicate skin of those close to you? Although harmful chemicals are everywhere, we can make better choices to reduce some of our exposure.

If you are looking for a cleaner and safer option for your family, the Ecoegg pack for 210 washes; Egg Laundry + Egg Dryer + Detox Tab could be the perfect solution. This eco-friendly way of doing laundry doesn’t require the usual suspects – liquid, powder, or fabric softener detergent. And now, for a limited time during our pre-Black Friday sale, you can do 210 washes for just $ 29.74 with the promo code SAVE15NOV.

Ecoegg laundry detergent effectively cleans your clothes without using harmful chemicals. This unique washing system uses two types of natural mineral granules enclosed in a recyclable egg, which combine to replace both laundry detergent and fabric softener.

Curious to know how it works? All you have to do is put the mineral tablets in the laundry egg, place it in your washing machine on top of your laundry, and you are ready to wash. The Ecoegg naturally removes dirt without discoloring or leaving chemical residue on your clothes. When it’s time to dry, the Egg Dryer reduces machine drying by up to 28%, while adding a slight fragrance and helping to soften the laundry. A detox tablet is also included to thoroughly clean your machine before doing your laundry.

You will receive enough product for a maximum of 210 washes, which is about a year of washing for the average family. And in addition to being gentler on your skin, Ecoegg is more environmentally friendly. It helps cut down on all those bulky plastic bottles.

With an impressive 4.3 stars on Amazon, customers love to upgrade to Ecoegg. It has also won numerous awards, including the Good Housekeeping Institute: 2020 Getting Greener, Reducing Plastic, Allergy UK: Allergy Friendly Product and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation.

Clean (and “greenâ€!) Your laundry routine with the Ecoegg 210-wash pack; Laundry Egg + Dryer Egg + Tab Detox. Grab it at this site-wide pre-Black Friday sale for just $ 29.74 with the promo code SAVE15NOV For a limited time.

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