Frediken Breathing Suits with Redox Technology – Taking suits to the next level

ARVADA, CO, Oct. 29, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Redox is an amazing technology from Frediken that launched on August 20; it is used on fabrics for suits, dress pants, jackets and tuxedos.

The technological breakthrough of costume fabrics achieves anti-odor, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Businessmen and suit fanatics now have a simplified way to wash their suits while maintaining their quality.

ORP technology

Redox is a purification technology that uses high-level chemical reactions to convert foreign particles like dust mites on costume fabrics into substances that can be broken down. The process depends on the nano-titanium dioxide material to work.

In its operation, titanium nanodioxide first absorbs light energy which it uses to force a reaction that releases hydroxide radicals (-OH) and super anion ions (O2-). The chemicals released convert substances such as dust mites on tissue into water and carbon dioxide. This is why suits that use this technology are called breathing suits.

life and energy

Redox has three main effects on costume fabrics: self-deodorization, elimination of bacteria and viruses, and improved maintenance.

Costumes often have a musty smell after cleaning them and need to spend some time drying them. Sometimes the smell lingers after drying, creating a new problem for the costume owner. That’s why many laundries use scented detergents and fabric softeners to order. It helps mask the musty smell.

Redox helps remove that bad smell from the fabric even when the detergent has no fragrance. This leaves the costume smelling fresh from the laundry.

Besides conversion, they also inhibit or break down harmful bacteria that may have settled on the fabric. This ensures costumes come back from a wash looking like new.

Antibacterial and antiviral
Costume fabrics are great places for bacteria and viruses to settle. A suit returning from the laundry should be free of such organisms.

Redox helps break down these organisms from your combination. Frediken assures suit owners that the technology has an antiviral rate as high as 99%.

The technology thus offers excellent health benefits to the owner of the suit.

One year warranty
Owning a suit comes with the question of deciding how often to wear it in the laundry. It is common knowledge that the more a person washes the fabric of their suit, the more they mess it up. That doesn’t mean people have to wear dirty suits to make sure they last a long time.

Redox technology offers a one-year owner-friendly warranty. This ensures that their clothes will not need to be washed during the period, provided the mess is not catastrophic.

Suit with Redox at the most reasonable price

Combinations with redox are available on the official site of Frediken. The payment process is simple and fast.

Customers can also inquire if they need more information about the technology. They are assured of the best support services if they need it.

Frediken believes that an exquisite costume should be made of high quality fabric and goes to great lengths to ensure this.

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