Falsification of AICC document reflects desperation and frustration of BJP-RSS ranks



After all, over the years they have succeeded in vilifying Rahul Gandhi mainly because of the reluctance of Congress and its leaders to come into conflict with their opponents. Rahul Gandhi’s exceptional courage in overcoming all the ridiculous is what ultimately defeated the BJP IT cell, but it’s one thing to make fun of your opponent and another to engage in forgery and Congress and its leaders. must always guard against such possibilities.

However, what this bogus is telling me now is that it’s a complete failure on the part of the BJP to make India Congress-mukt – you can’t kick them out, so you might as well admit that you need to fraud and lies to defeat the party. For, on this dedicated fact-checking day, such counterfeits cannot have a long shelf life and, as one would expect, AltNews Proving that the toolkit was fabricated, even Twitter marked the tweet from BJP spokespersons and ideologues as “manipulated media” that cannot be retweeted and would alert others to its fraudulent nature.

But the events leading up to the episode also reveal some grief among my ideological RSS friends. They wouldn’t openly admit it, but they are very unhappy with the way the Covid crisis has been handled by the Modi government, thus giving Congress and its leaders an opportunity to emerge as more compassionate, more competent and better. effective.

A few incidents in particular have had their goat – that at least two foreign embassies appear to have placed more trust in Congress to save the lives of their staff and that die-hard Modi supporters have tweeted too much at the Indian Youth Congress for beds and oxygen that trust their own government. When one of these Modi supporters, who is a public figure, was arraigned for contributing to the congressional narrative, I was told he ran out of his interrogator, saying he had to save a life. and that he didn’t care where the oxygen came from. as long as it helped her parent to live.


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