Canada’s Best Online Shopping Deals This Week



Every week, we scour the web for the best sellers in Canada.

Each week, we search for the most timely online sales in Canada, pointing out the top-priced brand name items and the most requested choices. These deals are short-lived, so if you see something you want, make sure you get it before it’s gone.

For anyone buying a new laptop

Apple products are rarely released, which is why we take note of this 13.3 inch MacBook Air with 256 GB. The Air is Apple’s lightest and thinnest laptop with distinctive features like a trackpad, elegant design and intuitive use.

Who is it ideal for: University students, new Mac users, and those who want to easily pair with other Apple products.

Why we approve it: Confidence in the brand, processing time, design.

Where he could use improvements: The Air is not meant to do the heavy lifting (i.e. design and gaming).

Size / Weight / Dimensions: 13.3 inch screen.

Sale price: $ 999.99.

Gap oversized hoodie.

For those who can’t wait for the official start of fall

September is hoodie season. This oversized and soft Gap hoodie comes in four light colors (tie dye blue, dip dye purple, white and heather gray) and is perfect to pull on when the weather gets slightly chilly. It will last all winter as a layered piece with heavier vests or jackets.

Who is it ideal for: Anyone who embraces the sweater weather. (For the fit note that this is a ‘boyfriend’ fit, it is meant to be oversized.)

Why we approve it: Comfort, price, brand confidence.

Where he could use improvements: For other discounts, be sure to click on the pop-up options at the bottom of the screen to get additional discounts at checkout.

Palm Springs hotel impression.

For all those who miss a vacation spot in hot weather

In our story “How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Five Star Hotel†we highlighted all the ways to add a little travel luxury to everyday life. If you’ve checked out this Palm Springs hotel impression from Society6, get it before it’s gone.

Who is it ideal for: Anyone who wants a holiday atmosphere at home.

Why we approve it: Society6 makes art readily available to Canadian buyers. Critics love the finished product.

Where he could use improvements: Frame sold separately.

Size / Weight / Dimensions: XS (10 “-7”) – XL (40 “-28”).

Sale price: $ 48.47.

All Bagel Seasoning.

For an eater who loves a bit of everything

All Bagel Seasoning became an Instagram and Pinterest hit a few years ago thanks to the Trader Joe mix which is not available in Canada. There is no need to season FOMO with Spicy Devil Everything Bagel Seasoning (Spicy Devil is the brand name; the mixture is not spicy), which can be sprinkled on avocado toast, popcorn, pizza, grilled vegetables or meat.

Who is it ideal for: Seasoned eaters.

Why we approve it: Positive user reviews, simple ingredients, price.

Where he could use improvements: Some users note that it can drain quickly, so be careful when trying it for the first time.

Size / Weight / Dimensions: 5.4 ounces

Sale price: $ 7.99 / bottle (coupon applied at checkout).

Broom by Vileda Oskar.

For anyone who enjoys cleaning

This Vileda Oskar broom has an angled head, a lightweight frame and comes with a dustpan pretty much everything we’d expect from a sturdy broom. It is effective in picking up dust and dirt from hardwood, laminate, and tile. Not the most exciting purchase, but a necessity.

For whom it is ideal: Anyone with a floor.

Why we approve it: Brand confidence, user reviews and price.

Where he could use improvements: Only comes in one color scheme (red / black).

Size / Weight / Dimensions: 50 inch aluminum handle.

Sale price: $ 9.99.

Jonathan Adler graphic pillow.

For all those who like a good cushion

This bright and daring Jonathan Adler graphic pillow has become the story of our “7 types of pillows that will transform your living room”. We noticed it was priced higher than the other options. It’s still a decorative investment, but the reduced price helps.

Who is it ideal for: Buyers looking for a bright geometric design.

Why we approve it: Jonathan Adler is a master of interior design; the pillow is handmade.

Where he could use improvements: On sale, it’s going fast.

Size / weight / dimensions: 40cm x 30cm.

Sale price: $ 212.

Monogram Christmas stocking.

For all those who matter until Christmas

Hardcore vacation decorators know that off-season shopping is the key to great deals, but that doesn’t always mean January. There are Christmas offerings to be made right now, like monogram stockings, Scentcicles (you hang them on an artificial tree to mimic the scent of a fresh tree), and canvas gift bags.

Who is it ideal for: Anyone who wants to be ready for December.

Why we approve it: Important discounts, friendliness year after year.

Where he could use improvements: Limited stock.

Size / Weight / Dimensions: The bottom measures 19 “long x 12” wide.

Sale price: $ 9.99.

Grapefruit All Purpose Cleaner Method.

For all those who like a ‘clean’ cleaning

Method offers a range of reliable and environmentally friendly, effective, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products. The all-purpose grapefruit spray is ideal for kitchen counters (the smell is noticeable but not too strong); there’s also the almond scented squirt + mop floor cleaner (which is not diluted with water), spearmint toilet cleaner, and a powerful lemongrass degreaser.

Who is it ideal for: Anyone who loves a crisp clean smell without harmful chemicals.

Why we approve it: Confidence in the brand, price, recycled plastic bottles and unique scents.

Where he could use improvements: May not be suitable for a person sensitive to odors.

Size / Weight / Dimensions: The all-purpose grapefruit spray bottle is 828ml.

Sale price: Starting at $ 3.99.


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