Best range cleaners of 2021



Whether you can barely boil water or are a gourmet cook, stoves can get messy. When food falls and then burns onto surfaces, pans spill over and hot grease flies all over the place, skipping cleaning can leave a sticky, stubborn residue.

This is where range cleaners come in. The best product for cleaning ranges depends on the surface material: baked-on paint or porcelain enamel, ceramic (often referred to as a glass cooktop) or stainless steel. There are even differences in how you should safely clean a gas range and an electric coil range with drip pans, which we explain at the end of this guide.

After a life of cooking in test labs and at home, I’ve cleaned every type of stove, tested dozens of cleaning products, and followed different maintenance tips to find the best one. And, because I like any type of cleaning that requires less elbow grease, I’m always on the lookout for the most effective, easy-to-use, and cost-effective products.


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