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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: The recent cold snap has caused a recurring problem for my frigid feet. I’m looking for warm knee high socks. I searched online and found only merino wool models. I am very sensitive to wool. The cotton ones don’t seem warm enough. No suggestions?

– Vicky C.

Dear Vicki: Although woolen socks are the most recommended for ultimate warmth, there are some good options:

– Uniqlo ribbed socks or toe socks (cotton/nylon/spandex/polyester,, 3 for $12.90)

– Ugg Leda Cozy Crew socks (polyester/spandex,, $25); Ribbed socks (polyester/Spandex,, $18)

– Brother Vellies Cloud Sock (all cotton,, $35)

– Pendleton National Park Stripe Socks (cotton/polyester/Spandex, $12.50,

– Layeba waterproof socks (nylon/spandex, $22.99+,

– Randy Sun waterproof ski socks (nylon/spandex, $26.49,

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I need help cleaning out my closet. I was a shirt and tie guy in my career, but I’m semi-retired now and the job requires no more than a polo shirt. Maybe once a year I might get the chance to dress up, but that’s about it. So I still have in my closet about two dozen long-sleeved dress shirts – a variety of colors and styles – and about two dozen short-sleeved button-up shirts, which I can’t remember when I wore any one for the last time. I also have maybe 10 pairs of dress pants, in different colors and styles. And about three dozen ties. I know the answer might be obvious, but I was proud of my wardrobe and loved wearing those clothes. Now it’s kinda hard to let go. suggestions?

— Jerome J.

Dear Jerome: If you have the closet space and they bring you happy thoughts, keep the clothes well. Otherwise, charities and thrift stores will be happy to accept your donations. If you donate, keep just enough “good” clothes for those occasions when more traditional attire is needed.

Dear Angel Answer: I have a lot of clothes that I would like to get rid of for a small amount for each piece of clothing. Do you have any ideas?

-Sarah H.

Dear Sarah: You can sell them on sites like, and But you’ll probably find that it’s more trouble than it’s worth, since you’re only looking for a few dollars per item. If the clothes are stylish with good tags, a consignment store might be the way to get more cash. Or, donate them to charity and get a tax deduction.

Angelic Readers 1

Many readers want to help Linda L., who had no luck removing moisturizer stains from her pillowcase. They recommend Dawn Dish Soap (, drugstores, groceries, under $4). Caroline A. says, “The first time I used it was on an oil based salad dressing that a waitress spilled on a brand new jacket and it worked wonders. says Geri A. “Spray Dawn on a stain, rub it in a little and put it in the wash. Works great!” Nancy W. says to let Dawn sit on the stain overnight. Nancy also likes Goop Multi-Purpose Hand Cleaner, which also works on washable fabrics (Lowes,, $3.98 Mary W. is a big fan of Dawn. Kay N. writes, “I’ve been using a product called Greased Lightening (Home Depot,, $3.68) for a long time: “I’ve used it on the blood, all grease based stains, mascara, makeup Sometimes a little elbow grease is also needed and I put Dawn on just because then I scrub with an old toothbrush.

Angelic Readers 2

Sandy L. says: “About your recent article on poorly absorbent towels, I suggest you add that if readers complain that their towels are not absorbent – so are the dishtowels – let them know that diapers are not absorbent. ‘softening the fibers and reduces the absorption capacity.

Drive Rant

Nancy D. complains about unreadable “lines” on laundry soap caps, causing you to pour way too much detergent into the washer rather than using the correct amount. Of course, that’s exactly what they want you to do.

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