Alam Launches Palash Home Delivery App Today



The Palash home delivery mobile app will be launched on Tuesday by Rural Development Department Minister Alamgir Alam.

The Palash home delivery app will debut at the Palash Mart located in the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS) Agricultural Marketing Council Office building in Hehal, state capital.

Rural Development Secretary Aradhana Patnaik and General Manager (CEO) Palash Aditya Ranjan Palash will speak to the media about the home delivery app. At the same time, Alam will launch the application through Pakur online.

Through the Palash home delivery app, people at home in 19 districts across the state can order needed products through online orders. In this hour of disaster, home delivery facilities will be available with the city and people in some rural areas will be able to take advantage of that as well.

The Palash home delivery mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The pure and natural products made by the sisters of Sakhi Mandal have been given a new identity through the Palash brand. New products are constantly being added under the Palash brand to increase the income of Sakhi Mandal members who manufacture these items.

The Palash brand was created by the Department of Rural Development to provide good packaging, branding and marketing to Sakhi Mandal products. In recent times, many Palash brands are making their mark nationally.

Thanks to Palash Mart, 40 types of Palash products include rice, brown rice, madua flour, wheat flour, pure mustard oil, turmeric, cilantro, mirch spices, kalmegh, lemongrass , cowpea palash soap, detergent, phenyl, arhar dal, mask disinfectant, sanitary napkins and many similar products available for people with total purity and taste reality. But these products will be available online to order, so that people can order home necessities through this app in this strange situation.


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