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Illustration: by Maxime Gérin

After Lucas Zwirner told us about the Swiss shampoo that his art dealer father David hooked several generations of Zwirner to, we wanted to know what kinds of other things the dynastic lines taught parents to buy over and over again. . We realized that a lot of our buying habits develop this way – like recipes, they are passed down from generation to generation. Below, Zwirner and members of ten other particularly interesting clans – from the Wallaces (Christopher “Biggie”) to the Spielbergs – tell us about the things they buy because their families always have.

Illustration: Maxime Gérin

“My dad and I, Donnie, share the love of sneakers. The Nike Air Jordan 1s (starting at $ 100) are a staple in our rotation. They are timeless and the silhouette is just plain cool. I borrowed my dad’s – sometimes I need to put on two pairs of socks to wear his, depending on the size. My uncle Mark is also a big fan. My dad, he and I are always the best dressed. Effortlessly, too – we don’t try hard. But there’s an unspoken rule that we’ll never be caught pairing in sneakers. “-Elie Wahlberg

Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid

Photo: Joe Lingeman

“On the weekends, our mom and dad would play for hours in a couple cover band. During rehearsals, they always applied Krazy Glue to cover the blisters. After seeing them doing it for so long, we embraced the practice so that we could finish our set even when we have blisters. –Este, Alana and Danielle Haim

All Purpose Precision Tip Krazy Glue Super Glue (2 Pack)

“My mother, Susan, learned astrology from her mother when she was a young girl. My grandmother taught her using The new creator and delineator of horoscopes from A to Z, by Llewellyn George. My sister and I now both have copies. Although we know tidbits about astrology, we are not even close to our mother’s skills, but we are still learning from the book. My mom told me that there is a newer version, which she says is not as good. But you can still get the best used sold out. –Chrissie miller

The new creator and delineator of horoscopes from A to Z, by Llewellyn George

Photo: Courtesy of the seller

Illustration: Maxime Gérin

“Through my marriage to the Morgan family, I learned to care for the old laundry that has been in the family for over a hundred years: Amway Home SA8 Powder Laundry Detergent. This is ideal for our heirlooms, each of which has a number embroidered in red in the corner: 1/100, 2/100, and so on. It preserves the life of fine laundry and will not damage the pipes in your home. I live in a townhouse in New York so this is a problem. The detergent is formulated with a natural water softening agent, so it leaves clothes soft. It is also ideal for towels, towels and bathrobes. Especially the whites. –Sonja Tremont Adams Morgan

Amway Home SA8 Powder Laundry Detergent

Photo: courtesy of the seller

“Our family’s love for Jamaican cuisine began with my great-grandmother Gigi, who lived there. And for us, Caribbean Sunshine Jamaican Scottish Pepper Sauce is a staple. From my dad’s mom and mom, to my sisters and brother, this is a staple whenever we crave a Jamaican cooking hit. –CJ Wallace

Jamaican scotch bonnet chilli pepper sauce caribbean sun

Photo: Courtesy of the seller

Illustration: Maxime Gérin

“My daughters and I love sambal oelek, a rich chili paste that goes well with almost anything. In general, we love Asian condiments in this family, especially those that pack the heat. It wouldn’t be a surprise to find a jar in my purse. –Kimora Lee Simmons

Huey Fong Sambal Oelek Chili Paste 8 oz (pack of 2)

“This family has always found inspiration by bouncing a ball. It can help clear the brain. And clearing the brain can lead to better ideas. My mom Maira’s favorite method is to throw it against the wall above her bed. Sometimes things get broken, but rarely. When my dad, Tibor, was a little boy in Budapest, he would throw a ball back and forth with his dad. Over the years the Spalding High Bounce Pink Balls have become a favorite. They can be used alone or with family and friends. –Alex Kalman

Spalding High Bounce Ball

Photo: Courtesy of the seller

Illustration: Maxime Gérin

“Torn up by Henry Rose, that’s what my mother wears. My sisters and I have always looted her closet. The two youngest: her shoes and makeup. The oldest: her jewelry. Me: her perfumes. But Torn. is something the four of us will steal. You never know who fills the kitchen with its scent of vetiver and vanilla. My mom is incredibly affectionate, so you can tell the smell is already rubbing off on us, literally, before that. we were starting to use it.Sacha Spielberg

Henry Rose Torn Perfume

Photo: Courtesy of the seller

“Rausch shampoo has been a staple in Zwirner family bathrooms for years. I suspect this is from my grandfather Rudolf, who is responsible for most of the more European conventions that my siblings and I adopted as children (like swimming naked, even on American beaches). But it was my father, David, who passed the habit of using Rausch down to us children. It works for everyone. My dad still uses it. My sisters, Marlene and Johanna, use it. The boyfriends and girlfriends who started buying it because our family uses it continued with Rausch long after these relationships ended. Every few years, whenever one of us is in Germany or France, we buy a whole box and bring it back in our luggage so that we can distribute bottles to the rest of the family. It works because one bottle can last a year or more – you need so little of this product to clean your hair. Recently my dad got a new box and proudly told us he thought it would last him the rest of his life. –Lucas zwirner

Rausch Anti-Schuppen Shampoo (200 ml)

Photo: Maxime Gérin

“My family has been tie-dyeing for years. I grew up doing it. You know when you accidentally put something red in white and it dyes everything pink? My mom always did that. But instead of getting rid of things when it happened, we just tinted them. I’m pretty good at tie-dyeing, but my mom is really good. And Dylon is the best. I recently used it to stain a carpet. It was white and looked a little worse to wear, so I dyed it purple. I also dyed pieces of muslin to make scarves and t-shirts that I give as gifts, including to my mother. –Georgia May Jagger

Dylon permanent textile dye

Photo: courtesy of the seller

Illustration: Maxime Gérin

“My dad has always loved Kiehl’s. As far as I can remember, our bathrooms have been stocked with his products. My dad uses the original body lotion. I like body butter. I think about the house every time I use it. –Elisa johnson

Kiehl's Crème de Corps Honey Soy Milk Whipped Body Butter

Photo: Courtesy of the seller

Kiehl's Body Cream Body Moisturizer

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